Daniel Goldman, Ph.D.
 Florida Licensed Psychologist ( #PY8470 )
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Dr. Goldman, the Author

Dr. Goldman regularly writes and contributes newspaper articles for the Florida weekly publication. Below are articles he has contributed on various topics including menthal health, healthy relationships and reducing stress.

Research Shows That a Positive Outlook Can Naturally Protect Your Heart

Mental health is essential to happiness, fulfillment

Take charge of your life and good things will happen

Try talking about your trouble, and you’ll feel much better

Try talking about it and you’ll feel less stress

Are you drinking too much?

Why are you so angry? Learn how to calm down

Four things you might not know about obesity

Mental health is for everyone

Dr. Daniel Goldman, Ph.D. 
Sarasota Psychologist  

B.A. Cornell University  
M.A. University of Richmond  
Ph.D. Iowa State University  

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Sarasota Psychologist - Dr. Daniel Goldman is a Licensed Sarasota Therapist providing personalized counseling services to his clients. Therapy sessions cover stress, relationships, marriage, divorce, breakup, affairs, family, weight loss, anxiety, depression, work stress, alcohol, drinking, bereavement, emotional, pre-surgical evaluation, holistic, anger, career counseling, medicare, LGBT, GLBT, gay, lesbian, divorce, happiness, Self-esteem and mindfulness.
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