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 Florida Licensed Psychologist ( #PY8470 )
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Before We Meet
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Insurance Info and Patient Forms

Once you are ready to schedule an appointment, you can request an appointment through this website or you can call us at (941) 255-5489 or (941) 505-6162. The office staff will ask for some basic information:

•  Your contact information
•  Your insurance information (if you wish to use insurance)
•  Your preference of office locations
•  Briefly, what you would like Dr. Goldman to help you with

This is also an opportunity for you to ask the office staff any questions that you may have. As a special courtesy to you, we will help you find out about your benefits if you have health insurance. Of course, we cannot guarantee that the information given to us by the insurance company is accurate, so you are ultimately responsible for knowing what your benefits are.

You will need to complete a few forms before Dr. Goldman sees you for the first time. These forms are available for download below, or you are welcome to arrive 15 minutes prior to your first appointment to complete the forms in the office. If you have not been to Dr. Goldman’s office before, or are not certain where the office is, please leave yourself extra time before your initial appointment in case you have trouble locating the office.

When the appointment begins, there is no pressure on you to know where to start or what to talk about; Dr. Goldman will help guide you through the session. However, it can be helpful for you to consider what you want Dr. Goldman to know about your current struggles, areas of your life or your past that would help Dr. Goldman understand you better as a person, and goals that you have for therapy (i.e., if therapy were ultimately helpful, what would be different for you?).

Patient Forms

Informed Consent For Treatmentand Financial Agreement
HIPAA Privacy Notice
New Patient Information Form
Patient Health Questionaire

Our office location has been designed for a relaxing environment for our one-on-one therapy sessions.

Sarasota Office
5971 Cattlemen Lane, Sarasota, FL 34232

Sarasota Psychology Office 
a relaxing environment  

Bariatric Pre Surgical Evaluations
I often perform bariatric pre surgical evaluations for insurance and physician purposes. Learn More...

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